Books I love, my first top 10

People sometimes ask me which books I like. It is difficult to mention many, easy to mention a few. In order to help myself in the future and answer the question better, I will write them down. For myself to remember and maybe for others to get inspired. Of course I also get many tips from friends, so when I've read one, who was recommended by a friend I will attribute it to them.

From friends, for friends, books I love.

My first top 10, Top of Mind

In a random order. Some might be in Dutch, some are in English. When in Dutch, ask the publisher to translate it. :)

  1. The Alchemist - Paolo Coelho - Recommended by GvH.

  2. Congo - David van Reijbroek - Recommended by BIJS.

  3. The Great War for Civilisation - Robert Fisk

  4. De Levensdroom, de grap van het ik - Olette Luitwieler - Recommended by NW.

  5. The Places in Between - Rory Steward - Recommended by JIJ.

  6. Tuesdays with Morrie - Mitch Albom - Recommended by MP.

  7. An Officer and a Spy - Robert Harris - Recommended by RtC.

  8. Afrika is besmettelijk - Steven van de Vijver

  9. Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari - Recommended by JIJ

  10. 12 Rules for Life - Jordan B. Peterson - Recommended by AH.

Of course I still have a list of books I need to read, and which I will probably never read. Find that list over here.

Willem IJssel de Schepper