Books I still need to read

For me finding time to read is the most difficult part of reading. The moment you are hooked it is easy.  But the start of a new good book always takes some time. At the moment I am reading probably 5 different books and I can't choose which one I should finish first. I guess I should be a little bit more strict to myself and just finish one, without buying a new one. 

The ones I am focusing on, right now:

  1. Shantaram  by Gregory David Roberts - Recommended by FR :

  2. Transsurfing - Vadim Zeland - Recommended by AS

  3. Saving Capitalism  by Robert Reich - Recommended by RA

  4. The Intelligent Investor - Recommended by Warren Buffet

  5. On the shortness of life - Life is long if you know how to use it by Seneca - Recommended by NS

  6. Verslaafd aan liefde - Jan Geurtz - Recommended by FR

  7. Feitenkennis - Hans Rosling

  8. De levensloop van de mens - Bernard Lievegoed - Read about the recommendation in Philosophical years

  9. Wees Onzichtbaar - Murat Isik

  10. Yuval Noah Harari - Homo Deus or (21 lessen voor de 21ste eeuw)

  11. Non-dualiteit voor managers - Paul Smit

  12. The Journey to your origin - Joel aan ‘t Goor

  13. The Enneads - Plotinus

  14. The Invention of Nature - Andrea Wulf

  15. The Schopenhauer Cure - Irvin Yalom

  16. De Donut economie - Kate Raworth

  17. Enigma - Robert Harris

Any ideas for good books that I should read? Leave a comment below.