CRM Marketeer

A CRM Marketeer is a marketeer who is focused on balanced customer relationships. The marketeer creates, builds, coordinates and executes campaigns targeted on a selection of clients. These clients can be new, old, profitable, angry, loyal or most likely to churn. There are many insights that lead to a new campaign or customer interaction. Every customer interaction should lead to the next step in a pre-defined customer journey.  Although we all know the customer or prospect does not always follow that path. 

CRM marketing comes in many forms 

There are many different names for a CRM marketeer. Depending on the organization you work for, they are called loyalty marketeers, base marketeers, retention specialists or for example e-mail marketeers. They are specialized in addressing the customer or prospect at the right time, using the preferred channel of the client.  

Close cooperation

A base or CRM marketeer works close with copywriters, designers, data-analists and/or product owners gathering the latest insights that involve the customer. These latest insights can be visits to certain product pages, blogs or whitepapers. Depending on the customers lifecycle. Market developments should be followed close to attain maximum reach (& clicks and recurring sales). In the end you want the customer to be happy with your product or services first, and second recommending others to buy too. The ultimate goal. 

A clean database

Another task of the CRM Marketeer is sustaining the database. The database needs to stay clean, enriched, updated, and stored according the latest legal standards of the country the company is operating in. The marketeer also needs to increase the number of prospects or clients in the company's database, because not every client is 100% loyal or wants to receive information every day. The latest example is the GDPR regulations set up in the EU. 

Customer Insights

In order to be a good CRM marketeer you need to know your customer like no other, you need to know its next step and to understand his or her wishes. Contacting the client at the right moment is the way to go... Day after day, month after month. If you are a step ahead and surprise the customer, he might come back! Close cooperation is needed with data analists and customer journey experts. 

Curious how to start?!

Start with "Building a relationship online" first.

CRM Marketing Stakeholders: Sales & Marketing, Product Owners, Head of Marketing, Business consultants, IT consultants, Database Marketeers, Copywriters, Designers, Web Analists, Customer Insights Managers and many more.