Why these books are true leadership books for you and me

When researching stuff about leadership, leadership development and true heros, I came across many stories, sagas and myths that resonate and reflect the paths I want to walk. Inspiration does help. In order to pull you in and start a discussion, I have selected five personal favorites. In no particular order.

Meditations, Marcus Aurelius

Written without the idea of publishing, without an always present ego, from one of the most famous emperors of Rome, I bring you Marcus Aurelius. Short bursts of thoughts about everyday life as a ruler. About Nature, about God, about philosophy and reason. About the school of Stoics and about his teachers. And about all his insecurities, which make him human, just like you and me. Meditations is a true blessing for people who want to learn. A reminder that people have always been smart and will always think about who they are, where they or we come from and where we will go.

The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran

An observation which you will not encounter again. Kahlil Gibran writes about a man, who lived in a village near the sea. A village which is not his true home, but which he observed as if it was his own creation. The moment a ship will bring him home, people start asking him questions about life, about love, about prayer and about everything you have experienced before but don’t know how to handle. His poetic explanations are truly transformational. Enjoy and take your time and ask your question before it is too late.

The Prince, Machiavelli

I never understand, why some people experience this books as something negative. Power is not scary, power in the wrong hands will never last long. Neither power in the good hands. It is about how you interact with that power, and the power inside of you. The Prince is written by Machavelli and describes many different leaders, and where they might come from, how they gained power, and how they maintained it. Good or bad.

The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho

Follow the path you want to walk. Follow love and be open minded. Follow the journey you need to follow. The Alchemist of Coelho is a different book, every time you read it. Every time I read it, it gave me a new sense of direction. You will encounter angels and demons is your life, you will have ups and downs but if you keep on walking you will make it. Just like the main character in the book, a shepherd, with dreams of a new life, he will soon encounter. As long as he gives up something, he is scared to give up.

Tao Te Ching (The Book of the Way), Lao Tzu

The master knows the way, the Tao is silence. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu describes the ways of the Tao and the ways of the master in short one page explainers. Sometimes the master is a she, sometimes the master is a he. The ancient Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu describes the balance in our world, how it can be broken and how it can be discovered via the ways of the master. More than 2000 years old.

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