I sometimes ask myself if I want to be that person, that everybody is so fond about. That rich man, that dude with all those friends, that writer, that sportsman, that guy with that awesome job, to name a few. My answers are always no.

The reason I ask myself this question is because I know I can be jealous, which is a characteristic of mine, I do not particularly like. Answering no however, creates an energy flow, that I do like. Because it reminds me that I can only be myself, and nobody else. Starting from that moment on. Over and over again.

When I am in doubt about saying no about the “man” I should be in my mind, I try to describe the characteristics of that man, that I like so much. I try to learn what makes that man great, from my perspective and maybe even from the perspective of the world I am living in. How small or big that world might be.

And also that; creates that same energy flow. Curiosity in who I might be.

Thanks for the inspiration, people.

“If I let go of who I am,
I become what I might be.”
— Sun Tzu
Willem IJssel de Schepper