Crear es no copiar

Barcelona "El Bulli" Exhibition

In 2011 I visited an exhibition in Barcelona about Ferran Adrià. Ferran Adrià was the chef of the world famous restaurant El Bulli. The main theme of the exhibition was about the search for and recreation of creativity.

Crear es no copiar

I will never forget the quote "Crear es no copiar" I first noticed at this exhibition. Trying to understand what it means to create, rather than copy, is an interesting journey. I've copied a lot of stuff in my life, but I also try to rebuild it and make it my own. But when does the copying stop and the real creativity begins?

“Crear es no copiar”
— Ferran Adrià, chef El Bulli (and probably much more)

The talk about creativity in Spanish

You can read more about creativity in Spanish here

Let me know, if you want to talk about innovation. More curious about the food? Visit restaurant Tickets in Barcelona for some explosive olives... which are an amazing taste experience, resulting from some creative ideas of chef Ferran Adrià and his friends and relatives. 

Willem IJssel de Schepper