People I want to meet

Hubert Reeves

Hubert Reeves.jpg
“Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping.”
— Hubert Reeves

Paul Aster

“The world is in my head, my body is in the world”
— Paul Auster
Paul Auster.jpg

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, thx to R.S. 

“If you can’t quantify what is important, you make what you can quantify important”
— The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

Bill Gates

Image source: Bill Gates

Image source: Bill Gates

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure”
— Bill Gates

Rupert Spira

“To know ourselves as awareness... it doesn’t depend on what the mind is doing or what it is not doing”
— Rupert Spira