The Bucket and the Forget it list

Image source:  Kids National Geographic

Bucket list

A lot of people talk about their Bucket list. A top 10 or 20 of things they really have to do in their life or a top 10 of holiday destinations they really want to travel to. I have one too. It's awesome to have some dreams or some places you still want to visit. I love it. Especially if you have managed too fulfill one in your life. My numero uno... by far... is seeing an orca swim, jump and dive around in an ocean far far away. Haven't see one yet. 
Oh man, what a fulfillment that will be. 

Forget it list!

But only pursuing dreams doesn't help you be happy. Letting dreams go, helps too. That's why I always discuss a possible Forget it list too, when I discuss the famous Bucket list with my friends and family. This list helps you let go... Especially when one of the dreams was on your Bucket list before. The first Bucket list item I decided to kick out was a bungee jump.

Bungee Jump, you are out!

When I was a kid, I always wanted to bungee jump one day. I even looked up some locations where you could bungee jump. I was pretty close one time, until I realized, forget it mate. Just fuck it. Cancel it. Forget. Let it go. You don't have to do al the crazy stuff that comes in your mind and sticks for a while.

It's a liberating experience. Probably just as liberating as a bungee jump. Try it out.

It works with books too.