He called me a.... Manager!

Wow... what did I do wrong?!

A while ago I was working on a project with a designer. We needed to build some landing pages and we build some nice ones, with graphics and everything. We added some CTA's and some pictures and copy and we got good feedback from our stakeholders. Everything was ready! Our experience said, this was good enough to start with and optimize later on! An MVP as we like to call it in the Agile world

Next step, finetuning... and going live for our customers. We wanted to start generating leads for our sales department as soon as possible!

Only at the moment I wanted to discuss the latest feedback with the designer... he started calling me... a manager. "What did you say?" I asked him. "You are a manager!" he replied. I was stumbled. But I immediately understood what he meant. There was something wrong with our design from the start and I failed to notice it, because I didn't know what to do... except go on, with a wrong plan.

My goal was to make the stakeholders happy, and not our most important asset, our customers. I managed to build a stakeholder landingspage instead of a customer oriented page with a great design. Where customers and prospects can easily find the information they are looking for. 

Back to the drawing board...