Being nice costs nothing

A good mate of mine, Siep van Lent has a great life philosophy. It is what makes him, in my eyes, a better person and a great mate to hang out with. This idea, which he puts into practice on a daily base, is called being nice.  And it doesn't cost him anything! And it won't cost you. He constantly gives... a smile... a joke... a gesture. To the people around him, without expecting something in return...! and that is nice. It makes the world a nicer and better place. He doesn't have to be nice all the time but he understands that being nice is a better option than being an asshole half of the time. And that makes him a great guy. 

Of course you might think. Wait a second... with just being nice, you won't make it in this world. But I think you should give it a try one day, or maybe a couple of weeks or months so it will stick. 

Willem IJssel de Schepper