Finding Luck

In my life I experienced a number of lucky moments for which I am very grateful. Most of the time, those lucky moments started with encounters, and those encounters resulted in meaningful work, a beautiful relationship, a house and also better friendships. So when looking back, what are the ingredients that made those moments lucky. And how can I maintain that luck in the future? I came up with five ingredients for future luck, learned by looking back. Let me know what you think...

“For me finding 50 euros on the streets, has nothing to do with real luck, that is just coincedence.”

Follow your passion

So at the beginning of my work career I started a job in sales. I worked from nine till five, or from ten till six and had a decent salary. I kind of liked my work, but was more fond of my direct colleagues. I supported a pretty cool sales team, and did what I had to do, and it was ok. Nevertheless I knew I wasn't following my passion and did not feel lucky. I was also more interested in the relationship with our clients and prospects than really doing all the sales and contract work. Next to that I always wanted to talk to the marketeers at work. At that moment I didn't know why. 

Get in and out of your comfort zone

Doing a sales job, might be way out of your comfort zone, when you are actually a marketeer by nature. Is that a good thing or not you might ask? Some people say yes some people would say no. In my case I would say yes. And trying to do a good sales job teaches you a lot. So looking back, the sales job brought me somewhere where I wanted to be... closer to the marketeers and their work. But switching from sales to marketing isn't always easy, so I decided to study marketing. Learning is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, it helps you take small steps of confidence. It's also ok, to take a step back once in while. You don't have to be out of your comfort zone all the time. Relax, and accept your pace. 

Accept who you are, be proud!

A good friend of mine, always says: "Be proud of what you are and just say it." So after studying and working a couple of years in sales and marketing I can finally say what I do. I am a marketeer! Thanks "Disco J." You know who you are.  Saying with confidence what you do for a living helps you find more lucky moments. Over the years I heard many more stories from friends and family, who found work in distance places, became experts in their field, and felt lucky when they were clear about what they are (or what they do). Try it out. I promise you it will work. Love yourself. 

Small steps

Becoming lucky is not a journey of a day, a month or a year. Do not think about time. Think about steps... which small step can move me forward, to a place where I can find more luck, happiness or energy. To that place where marketeers are. Or to that place where your interests meet the core of your being at that moment. The philosophy of Activity Based Working can help you find your next step. Work or relax anytime, anywhere. Accept and give trust. Do not think about walls or conflicts, or other people. Those people are not you. Think about the smallest step you can take. And take that little first step that will ignite your luck. Trust me, I trust you. Every step counts. 

Be aware and let go

Almost there... Not yet... Closeby... You will never become lucky if you not sometimes reflect. Unless you are already lucky of course. Than please maintain your course! :) What I am trying to say is that looking back... or being aware of yourself is a good thing. Of course it is scary  but being aware of yourself and your surroundings will help you in the short and long term. A book which made me partly aware was given to me by a good friend in Barcelona. It is called "Who moved my cheese?" And talks about being lucky but also about becoming lazy. I like lazy... but I am fully aware. And when I am fully aware, I let go. 

Thank you!

Oh man... there must be more ingredients for luck...and happiness I am sure of it. Do you know any? Contact me... and let me know. There are still so many books I want to read. Or stories that must be told. So curious to find out. Thanks Aemilia van Lent... for the inspiring words of confidence. The coffee we had brought instant luck. I think for both of us. 

There are many more people to thank. I hope to see and talk to you soon.