A Wind Turbine Dream

A Wind Turbine

Four Wind Turbines near the Deltawerken in Zeeland, The Netherlands

Four Wind Turbines near the Deltawerken in Zeeland, The Netherlands

When I was working at Elsevier Science back in 2010 I occasionally watched out the window while I was working :). Because I had an amazing view I could see the whole horizon of the Amsterdam harbor with all its ships, factories and space for commodity trading. One day, I noticed a wind turbine in the Amsterdam West Harbor area, which made me realize I wanted to do more than "just" selling scientific journals. A crazy dream was born. 

A H2O to H Dream

I want to build a Vestas windturbine, my favorite brand, together with a group of people and let it generate electricity which we can use to produce hydrogen (From H2O to H). In a cheaper way than it is done now. Because these windturbines are crazy expensive you need at least a coalition of like minded people to invest their time, energy and funds too. Next to finding a place with enough wind and water and maybe a connection to the grid. Enough stuff to find out. We can be the Chain Reaction

A realized dream

I already helped somebody else realize his wind turbine dream. 
Take a look at the de Windcentrale. They have crowdfunded already more than 5 wind turbines in the Netherlads. Not to generate hydrogen, but electricity, which is already good enough of course. :)

Join my Water Wind Energy dream

Also want to join my wind water and energy coalition?! We can combine my dream with yours, sometimes 1 + 1 = 3. Imagine what we can do with 1000 people or more. Send me an email at hello@willemdeschepper and let's start talking. 

Or transfer 1 million Euro :) or more to my Wind Energy Fund at Bunq. I promise I will respond.
Together we can build this thing. 

P.S. When you transfer money, do not forget to mention your contact details, like your email or telephone number, otherwise I can't respond.